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As travellers, there is always an air of excitement and anticipation when we arrive at a new destination, where for the short time we visit we want to immerse ourselves in the local culture.  Learning about the food, the history and the people – these are the things that enrich our experience. 

Only one problem – we don’t want to take an expensive tour, with a big group of people, at a time that does not suit our schedule.

This is why we developed a self-guided audio tour for little more than the cost of a cup of coffee. 

ownTour self-guided tours give you the most relevant and interesting information, provided by people who have lived and breathed these destinations. 

Best of all, you can take the tour whenever it suits you.



In this tour you’ll learn how modern Australia was founded by just 1480 people who arrived on 11 ships from Britain in 1788.  You’ll gain some insights into what early life was like in the new penal colony and hear about some of the prominent and ordinary people who left lasting impressions.  The Rocks more than any other area has borne witness to many of the social, political and cultural changes that have led Australia to evolve into the democratic multicultural nation that we see today.

ownTour The Rocks Sydney self-guided audio tour




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We are a new business and have only recently released this self guided audio tour of The Rocks.  We'd love to develop more tours of other exciting places, but need your help. 

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“Loved this tour, so many interesting snippets of information”